About Latafat


My name is Latafat Abdulghani,
I was born in Aden (presently: Yemen) to Indian parents. A fair part of my life I lived equally in Pakistan, Central America, USA, and now I am residing in the U.K. During my earlier days, I got acquainted to camera at age of 16. Since then, my main source of income is camera and my love affair with photography started. Through years, I have learned that: in photography there is no rule of thumb! You can do one thing in two or three different ways, the end result being the same. I believe firmly that the captured images must be good enough to be displayed with out any re touching and if anyone starts to re touch there is no limit! Having said that, I am not against retouching, but it’s just not my style. In this website, all images are just as it is from camera. You are most welcome to buy them if you like and it will be yours. All images are exclusive to the buyer that once a purchase is made, the image will be removed from the gallery forever.
Thank you.
Latafat Abdulghani